sunnuntai 16. kesäkuuta 2013

18" Talking Willy Wonka

Finally I got time to take pictures and update this blog. This time it's the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I would say that this movie isn't so great for collecting because it is not animation and most of the figures of real people are quite dumb looking. As the collectible items I prefer more those made from animations. Anyways I still love the movie.
        18" Talking Willy Wonka by NECA in 2005. His cane is separate and you can move his hands and legs. The figure is made really well and the details are wonderful. Only downside is that he doesn't come with a stand and because his feet are posed like they are he is quite prone to falling over.
        I bought this via from another collector and this was a great find since I got it for a bargain with some other items.

He also speaks lines from the movie such as:
  • "The waterfall is most important, mixes the chocolate, churns it out, makes it light and frothy."
  • "By the way, no other factory in the world mixes its chocolate by waterfall, my dear children."
  • "Once again you really shouldn't mumble cause its kinda startin' to bum me out."

lauantai 8. kesäkuuta 2013

Edward Scissorhands

The last post had quite much work so this one will be shorter. This time Ill show you everything I own from the movie Edward Scissorhands.

Edward Scissorhands -fridge magnets, I bought these via

Edward Scissorhands -poster. I picked this up couple days ago because one person was selling this and she lived quite near.
Edward Scissorhands -figure, bought via from another collector.

I would really love to get more stuff about this movie, especially figures but these are really rare in Finland.

Corpse Bride

Okay, so it's time to move on to figures and let's start with Corpse Bride because it is nearest to the computer :D I also got a good reason to clean up the shelves while taking pictures of every item. I clean my figures quite rarely because it not easy and it takes time. But here are the pictures

Van Dort -set bought from from another collector.

 Everglot -set, bought from as the one above.

Elder Gutknecht (JUN Planning) bought via eBay from Germany.

Victor, Victoria and Emily the Corpse Bride. All bought second hand.
Victoria (Gentle Giant) 578/1500 Limited Edition my godfather got this for me as my birthday present some years ago.
Mrs. Plum (on left) was bought via from another collector. Skeleton Boy & Girl has been bought via eBay.
Pastor Galswell (Jun Planning) I found this from Spain and I had to bring him home with me.

There is everything I have related to Corpse Bride movie. I buy new stuff from time to time so I will update them all here when I get something new. Mostly I buy these from eBay, (Finnish version of eBay), flea markets and from second hand groups in Facebook.

The Art of Tim Burton (Second Deluxe Edition)

I had a long thought about where to start and I ended up showing you my greatest treasure: The Art of Tim Burton Deluxe Edition book. Since you might know there are five different editions of this book  each of them with different lithograph. I have only managed to get this one because these are not cheap, about 300-500€. The one I have is Second Edition with the "Blue Girl with Wine" lithograph. I bought this via eBay a couple years ago. Both the lithograph as well as the book itself has been signed and hand-numbered by Tim Burton. My book is number 703/1000.