lauantai 19. syyskuuta 2015

PVC Figurine Collection Set

I also got these with all the items I bought couple days ago. The seller had put these in the same box with the Sally figure so it took some time to find out what these small figures actually were. After searching these on Google I found out that these have all been in the same set. PVC Figurines Collection by JUN Planning. Set includes The Mayor, Oogie Boogie and Zero. So I actually got these for free by accident.

perjantai 18. syyskuuta 2015

Roy, the Toxic Boy -squishy toy

And another one that has been forgotten. Roy, the Toxic Boy squishy toy. I bought this on eBay last spring. I don't remember the price anymore but probably it was around 25€ including shipping.  
His head is full of liquid gel and the bottom of his body is full of something similar to sand or tiny rocks.

Shock Headknocker

Since my husband is working late I have time to update this blog. So next up there are couple items that I have actually forgotten to post here earlier.
       I visited our capital city Helsinki last spring and while being there I had to quickly (yeah right!) pop in the local comicbook store The Good Fellows. I didn't find any comics that time but I bought Shock resin headknocker by NECA. I think it cost 22€ and it was mint in the box. The headknocker is 22cm tall.

Barrel Head Knocker

Okay, the last item I bought yesterday was Barrel Head knocker by NECA. It is hand painted and approximately 14cm tall. This had been removed from the box and cost me 15€.  This is actually my very first Barrel -item.

torstai 17. syyskuuta 2015

TNBC Commemorative Dinnerware

Biggest and most expensive of all my purchases today was this one - The Nightmare Before Christmas Commemorative Dinnerware. Set includes 4 plates, each with different picture on them. Material is porcelain or ceramics so they are pretty heavy. I got these for 30€.

Dr. Finkelstein

Barrel, Shock & Lock

Sally & Jack

Jack Head Magnets

Two Jack's Head fridge magnets by NECA. These have been removed from the original box but the condition is great. Material is probabaly resin, so they are made good quality. I got these as extra with all the other things I bought so in other words I got these for free.

The Nightmare Before Christmas stamper set

Next item I bought today is The Nightmare Before Christmas stamper set by NECA. Set includes Jack, Sally, Barrel, Shock and Lock. Each stamper has different colour and image.
I paid 10€ for this one.

NECA Sally Figure

Oopsie doodle! Accidentally I bought many new TNBC merchandise today. In the morning before leaving for work I happened to look around on this one Finnish gothic second hand group on FB and I saw one person selling these there. She also lived in the same city as I do so about couple hours ago I went to pick these up. I will post each item separately and here's the first one.

Sally- figure by NECA. Series 3. I already have couple other figures from this series (Vampire, Dr. Finkelstein and Harlequin Demon). I paid 15€ for this one. It was used and already removed from the original box, but in great condition and complete. The Sally figure comes with sewing machine and a sketch of Jack's Santa-outfit.