tiistai 23. syyskuuta 2014

Sally the Ragdoll from France

I just came back from Colmar, France. I spent almost a week there as a part of a school project. Nice trip and Colmar was so beautiful!

But back to this blog's topic. While shopping in Colmar I found this little souvenier shop that also had movie stuff and figures. There were mostly stuff from the Tintin, but also few movie figures including this Sally bobblehead. Of course I had to buy it as a souvenier for myself.
    It is made by Funko and it's not the best bobblehead figures there are made from The Nightmare Before Christmas movie, but it's not the worst one either. This cost 27€ which is a little bit more than I am usually willing to pay for figures, but I bought it as a souvenier so it was fine and I haven't bought Tim Burton stuff for a long time so...

P.S. I also uploaded more pictures of the Frankenweenie comicbook in my last post as requested, go check them out!

lauantai 6. syyskuuta 2014

Frankenweenie comicbook

I got this Frankenweenie comicbook as a gift some time ago, I just forgot to put it here. I actually didn't know this was a comicbook before I had it in my hands. It was a very pleasant surprise though because I love comicbooks!