maanantai 5. toukokuuta 2014

New mini figures!

I have been buying only comics, CD and vinyls lately so I haven't had anything to post here, sorry about that. Anyway about a week ago I got message on Facebook from one person who offered me two The Nightmare Before Christmas trading figures. I didn't have those already so yes, I bought them from her. The package came today so here are some pictures. Figures are surprisingly quite good quality and detailed. I already have Lock & Barrel from the same series but they are not that well made.

This one is Oogie Boogie and the other one Dr. Finkelstein can be found from this post HERE

Oogie Boogie -trading figure

 Actually I do have bit of a crisis with my collection/collecting because I realized that I can't keep getting more and more stuff forever. Someday the whole apartment will be full of my figures, comics and other stuff so unless I buy a huge mansion (which isn't going to happen) there will be a limit to my collection and it scares me a bit. 

What will I be if I can't keep collecting stuff for the rest of my life?

P.S I would really love to hear and see pictures about your collections (don't have to be about Tim Burton) so please feel free to link them below :)