tiistai 28. helmikuuta 2017

Willy Wonka Bobblehead

This one I got as a birthday present from my parents many years ago, probably 2010 or something like that. I think they bought this from eBay.

Willy Wonka Bobblehead made by NECA. I think the box said it is hand-painted. Quality is quite good, though it could have been painted a bit better.

Oompa Loompa Bobblehead (Blue)

This item came in February 2014 from much norther part of Finland than where I live.

Oompa Loompa bobblehead in blue suit, made by NECA. This is from the same series as the Willy Wonka bobblehead I have, but there is also another Oompa Loompa with red suit available but I haven't been able to add it in my collection yet. 
       I bought this via huuto.net for about 13€ including postage (which was about 7,50 euros which is quite expensive). It was used but in great condition almost as new.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory PC-ROM

To make this blog more clear and easier to search for the items one wants to find info about I, renewing some older posts and making separate posts about each item. Also because then there will be correct numbers after each tags above ^

I got Charlie and the Chocolate Factory PC-ROM video game in 2014 as a present with some other movie related items. I haven't tried playing it since it may not work on newer computers though I will post here if I someday get it working!

TNBC Munchkin

Interesting experience at the post office today. The code for my package did not work at all so the post workers had to search for it by hand and I actually could not help them much since I have a lot of stuff arriving and I couldn't tell them for sure what size of package could it be. Luckily they finally found it and I got a new treasure for my collection! I have a mission to collect all the boardgames made of the movie, still few to go.

In Finland we do not have this game called Munchkin so it was the first time for me to hear about it. This was just an impulse purchase on eBay and it cost 25€ with free postage.
      The game comes with 168 cards, one custom six-sided die and the rules sheet. The cards have cool drawings of the characters, items and other stuff familiar from the movie.

perjantai 17. helmikuuta 2017

Mars Attacks! postcard

Today I received this amazing Mars Attacks! postcard from Japan. I already have another postcard with a different picture which I bought from London some years ago. I already framed the postcard so I can get it on the wall with other ones.