lauantai 24. elokuuta 2013

The World of Stain Boy

Last week I was browsing searching for new comicbooks to add on my wishlist. I also searched for Tim Burton and unfortunately they just had added new Tragic Toys figurines... I had to buy one, immediately. I chose to order Stain Boy figure because it was cheapest and I think I will get those other ones too soon. Figure arrived on Thursday so here it is:

Stain Boy Vinyl Figure (Dark Horse Deluxe)

I've been thinking what to do with these figures. Should I keep them as they are or should I take them out of their boxes. I decided to take them out since I don't have much space for them and I actually prefer to unbox all the figures so I they can be seen properly.

Here is also one chapter of The World of Stain Boy animation for you to enjoy!

perjantai 16. elokuuta 2013

"There is no place like London.."

Today I received a small package from a "secret friend". Inside the package was new Sweeney Todd book! It is edited by Robert L. Mack and is published by Oxford University Press in 2007. This came at the right time because while I was on vacation in Ireland last week I didn't find anything new to my collection. I only bought some comicbooks and Lenore, the Cute Little Dead Girl figure. So now I got something to update here. Well actually I just made little order to one online shop couple days ago so there will be new post soon... ;)

Edit: Photos renewed in March 2017.

tiistai 13. elokuuta 2013

Corpse Bride mini bust-up: Victor & Emily

I decided to finally post my newest item (I have had this for a while already, but didn't have time to update it here) so for now on I'll only post when I get new items.
I bought the figure via a gothic second-hand group on Facebook. It costs me about 5 euros and I went to pick it up since the seller lives in the same city as I do.
This is small, not that well made and you have to build it yourself from few pieces. Made by Gentle Giant.

Corpse Bride Mini Bust-up Series 2: Victor & Emily