keskiviikko 18. joulukuuta 2013

A Monstrous Menagerie of Stickers!

Hey again! I has been awhile since I have gotten any new items for my collection but today something came in mail. I got Frankenweenie sticker book. It has information about the characters and lots of stickers. As a collector I am not going to use those stickers, I will just keep this sticker book on bookshelf with all the other Tim Burton books.

perjantai 8. marraskuuta 2013

Oogie's Revenge

Finally I got it The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge videogame for PS2! I have been searching everywhere for this game and the last week I found it on for 6,80€ including postages. Great deal I think especially since I was ready to pay much more for it. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge (Playstation2)
Anyway I got the game couple days ago via mail so I have already played few chapters and I actually like it. I wanted the videogame for my collection but it's even better to also find it interesting and worth playing through. Here's a gameplay video I found on youtube for you to watch:

lauantai 21. syyskuuta 2013

Planet of the Apes

Today I visited The Good Fellows Comics Store in Helsinki and found some great books and comics that I had get. One of those was Planet of the Apes Re-imagined by Tim Burton -book so I got my first piece of Planet of the Apes stuff to my Burton collection - well if you don't count the soundtrack and the DVD that I already have. This book cost 20€ but I haven't seen it sold anywhere in Finland before so there was no way I would have left it there. It is published by Newmarket Press in 2001 invluding the screenplay, movie stills, illustrations, behind the scenes photos and drawing by Tim Burton.

torstai 19. syyskuuta 2013

Stain Boy

Some time ago I bought the Toxic Boy mug and today I got Stain Boy mug as a gift! So now I have them both. I also got Nightmares and Fairy Tales #3 book, but that has nothing to do with Tim Burton so I won't put it in here.

"Of all the super heroes,
the strangest one by far,
doesn't have a special power,
or drive a fancy car.

next to Superman and batman, I guess he must seem tame.
But to me he is quite special,
and Stain Boy is his name.

He can't fly around tall buildings,
or outrun a speeding train,
the only talent he seems to have
is to leave a nasty stain.

Sometimes I know it bothers him,
that he can't run or swim or fly,
and because of this one ability,
his dry cleaning bill is sky-high."

Stain Boy Colour Changing Mug (Dark Horse)

maanantai 9. syyskuuta 2013

"Whoever thought that you could die from breathing outdoor air?"

Happy news I got mail today!  Special about this is that the mail came (once again) from and I got the newest Lenore - Purple Nurples hardcover and Tragic Toys for Boys and Girls The Toxic Boy heat sensitive mug. The best thing was that I though the mug would be plastic but it actually was a regular ceramic/porcelaine mug so it is much better than I expected.

Roy the Toxic Boy is my favourite character from Tim Burton's The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories. These mugs were sold out on Adlibris but they got another delivery of these so I finally got one for myself. I even had to reorganize the shelves so now I have one for Tragic Toys -stuff only.

Toxic Boy Color-Changing Mug (Dark Horse)

"To those who knew him
-his friends-
we called him Roy.
To others he was known
as that horrible Toxic Boy.
He loved ammonia and asbestos,
and lots of cigarette smoke.
What he breathed in for air
would make other people choke!

His very favorite toy
was a can of aerosol spray;
he'd sit quietly and shake it,
and spray it all the day.

He'd stand inside the garage
in the early-morning frost,
waiting for the car to start
and fill him with exhaust.

The one and only time
I ever saw Toxic Boy cry
was when some sodium chloride
got into his eye.

One day for fresh air
they put him in the garden.
His face went deathly pale
and his body began to harden.

The final gasp of his short life
was sickly with despair.
Whoever thought that you could die
from breathing outdoor air?

As Roy's soul left his body
we all said a silent prayer.
It drifted up to heaven
and left a hole in the ozone layer."

- Tim Burton: The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories

lauantai 24. elokuuta 2013

The World of Stain Boy

Last week I was browsing searching for new comicbooks to add on my wishlist. I also searched for Tim Burton and unfortunately they just had added new Tragic Toys figurines... I had to buy one, immediately. I chose to order Stain Boy figure because it was cheapest and I think I will get those other ones too soon. Figure arrived on Thursday so here it is:

Stain Boy Vinyl Figure (Dark Horse Deluxe)

I've been thinking what to do with these figures. Should I keep them as they are or should I take them out of their boxes. I decided to take them out since I don't have much space for them and I actually prefer to unbox all the figures so I they can be seen properly.

Here is also one chapter of The World of Stain Boy animation for you to enjoy!

perjantai 16. elokuuta 2013

"There is no place like London.."

Today I received a small package from a "secret friend". Inside the package was new Sweeney Todd book! It is edited by Robert L. Mack and is published by Oxford University Press in 2007. This came at the right time because while I was on vacation in Ireland last week I didn't find anything new to my collection. I only bought some comicbooks and Lenore, the Cute Little Dead Girl figure. So now I got something to update here. Well actually I just made little order to one online shop couple days ago so there will be new post soon... ;)

Edit: Photos renewed in March 2017.

tiistai 13. elokuuta 2013

Corpse Bride mini bust-up: Victor & Emily

I decided to finally post my newest item (I have had this for a while already, but didn't have time to update it here) so for now on I'll only post when I get new items.
I bought the figure via a gothic second-hand group on Facebook. It costs me about 5 euros and I went to pick it up since the seller lives in the same city as I do.
This is small, not that well made and you have to build it yourself from few pieces. Made by Gentle Giant.

Corpse Bride Mini Bust-up Series 2: Victor & Emily

perjantai 26. heinäkuuta 2013

New Edward Scissorhands

Hello again! Here's my newest acquisition for Edward Scissorhands collection. I found him via eBay from UK about a month ago. This one is much more real-looking than the other one I have in my collection so I'm very happy I got this now :)

Edward Scissorhands figure (McFarlane, 2000)

tiistai 23. heinäkuuta 2013

New Tragic Toys figures!

So anime/manga & movie merch shop Kukunor was having a clear out sale -50% off and of course I had to order everything I could get :D I ordered lots of stuff, but when I got the bill there was only three figures available so I didn't get everything I would have wanted. But anyways I got two lovely Tragic Toys -figures and one Corpse Bride mini bust-up. These figures arrived few weeks ago, but now I have time to update them here. 
          This post is about Roy, the Toxic Boy figure. Made by Dark Horse Deluxe and it is 7" tall. Don't remember how much I paid for this but probably less than 20€.

Tragic Toys for Boys & Girls: Toxic Boy 7" Vinyl Figure (Dark Horse Deluxe)

keskiviikko 17. heinäkuuta 2013

Tim Burton and his work

So here we are, after this post you have seen it all. For now on I'll post everytime I get something new to my collection. Actually while writing these I've gotten new stuff but I thought they need to be shown after I have finished this. My shopping happens in waves - there's time when I'm buying lots and lots of new figurines and then for some time I won't buy any. I also have this "tradition" when I go abroad I buy new stuff for my collection as souveniers. I don't want to buy those typical souveniers and it's much nicer to look at these movie products and remember where I have bought them.

Masters of Cinema: Tim Burton (I got this as present few months ago) and MoMa: Tim Burton (I bought this from little boutique downstars the Casa Mila in Barcelona, Spain)

Finally it's done! I was suprised how much it took time to post pictures of every item here. Well of course I had to edit each and every photo and write these texts. Hope this was interesting even to other collectors :) Here's also one interview I found on YouTube:

Mars Attacks! postcard

Mars Attacks! postcard that I bought from London while visiting there six months ago.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (part. 5)

FINALLY the last part of The Nightmare Before Christmas products!
There will be only few more posts and then you have seen everything I have in my collection so far.
So this last TNBC post will show you some random stuff I have.

TNBC Russian Nesting Doll. I got this as souvenier from St. Petersburg, Russia few years ago. It's hand-painted.
Jack Skellington plush toy, I got this from my cousin as a present.
Mug, which I bought from some years ago.
Pocket watch, I bought this via about a year ago.
Pillowcases which I bought via many years ago.
I've bought the postcards from Dublin, Ireland and the frames are from some department store.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (part. 4)

So this time I'm going to show you all the games I have as The Nightmare Before Christmas versions. Some of these are from Kukunor (Finnish shop that sells anime/manga and movie products) and some are from eBay. I'm dissapointed because I still don't have TNBC boardgame. I really want it!
I have played some of these once, but mainly they are just part of my collection and no one is allowed to play or even touch them without my permission :D

TNBC Monopoly, I got this as X-mas present few years ago from my godfather.

TNBC Yahtzee, I've got this as gift as well.

So there you go, all the games I have at the moment. I seriously have to hunt down that TNBC boardgame somewhere.

lauantai 13. heinäkuuta 2013

The Nightmare Before Christmas (part. 3)

This time I'll show you all the statues, bobbleheads, etc. that I have in my collection. I love collecting these because they are made to stand on the shelf and look good. I actually should get a new showcase for my collection since the old ones are already too full.

Jack & Sally -bobbleheads (NECA) bought from the movie product shop in Kuopio. Jack has made a suicide jump off the shelf once so he's head has been clued and painted as well as possible and now you can't see the fractures unless you look for them.
Jack Skellington who waves his head by solar-power. I bought this via
Sally -paperweight, I got this from my godfather long time ago as present. This was first statue in my collection!.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (part. 2)

So this time it's all my action figures. I love action figures because they are quite detailed, you can move them and of course because they are made to be shown. Unfortunately there are no actual rareties and limited editions, but I have "hunted" these all around the world.

The Mayor (NECA 2002), bought via
Igor (Series 4, NECA) bought from a comicbook store in Hildesheim, Germany.
Dr. Finkelstein (Series 2, NECA) bought from Germany like the one above.
Vampire (NECA) bought via a long time ago.
The Mayor & Shock -minifigures, I got these as a gift.
Barrel & Lock -bust-ups, bought from Germany.
Harlequin Demon (Series 2, NECA) bought from a comicbook store in Andorra.
Pirate Jack (NECA) this also was bought from Germany.
Vampire Jack (NECA) I bought this via a second hand group in Facebook.
Jack (Series 1, JUN Planning) I bought this from a movie merch shop in Kuopio.
Sally (Series 1, JUN Planning) this is bought from the same shop as the Jack above.

keskiviikko 10. heinäkuuta 2013

The Nightmare Before Christmas (part. 1)

Okay so now to the movie that has most merchandice made from: The Nightmare Before Christmas. I have to do this in about 5 sections because I have so much stuff from this movie :D

First I'm going to show you the stuff I don't actually collect such as bags, clothes, accessories, etc. I won't buy these myself so most of these I have gotten from somebody else. Anyway these are part of my collect now. The thing why I don't collect these is that you can find bags and clothes with Jack's face everywhere so there is nothing to collect really, these aren't rare at all.

Jack Skellington -digital watch, I got this as x-mas present some years ago.
Nightmare Before Christmas -badge, bought at Kuopio RockCock Festival around 2006-2007
Jack Skellington -shoelaces, gotten as a gift also.

A small TNBC -bag, got this as a gift.
TNBC -bag, my parents brought this to me from Kefalonia.
Huge Jack Skellington -bag, which I bought from Dublin in 2009.

The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy // Tragic Toys for Boys & Girls

"Stick Boy liked Match Girl,
He liked her a lot.
He liked her cute figure,
he thought she was hot.
But could a flame ever burn
for a match and a stick?
It did quite literally;
he burned up quick."

This time I will show you all the figures I have from Tim Burton's The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy. As you might know this isn't a movie, but short stories written and illustrated by Tim Burton. All the poems in the book are cute and sad as you can read from the one above. Every character has it's own sad ending.

Almost all these characters are made into figures by Dark Horse. The series is called Tragic Toys for Boys and Girls. I have been trying to collect these for long time because I really love the book and all the charaters in it I of course needed to have them standing on my shelf. These are really hard to find in Finland and even on eBay these are quite expensive usually.

First package I got for a x-mas present from my uncle. Next to packages I bought from another collector on I was so happy to get more these! The last one I bought from London, England while being on a vacation there last December. So finally I own all of the four packages of these smaller figures :) There are also some of these characters made in bigger size and sold separately each one of them, so I have to get those too...

Set 3: The Boy with Nails in His Eyes, Oyster Boy ja Junk girl
Set 1: Robot Boy, Stain Boy and The Girl with Many Eyes
Set 4: The Pin Cushion Queen, Brie Boy & Staring Girl

Set 2: Mummy Boy, Roy the Toxic Boy & Jimmy the Hideous Penguin Boy

tiistai 2. heinäkuuta 2013

"It was late one fall in Halloweenland..."

So I think it's time to tell you about how it all started...

Even as a child I loved collecting different kinds of stuff. I remember searching all the items related to horses on the windowsill, counting them and just looking at my "collection" :D Next I collected all the cat related items and so on...

Soon the girl who liked horses and cats started to become interested in more darker things and the movies of Tim Burton came along. I have no idea how I heard about Tim Burton for the first time so it shall remain a mystery. Anyway I would say the first item I got was The Nightmare Before Christmas handbag that my parents brought me from their trip to Scotland. And the shocking facts was that I didn't even like the handbag first! From the same trip my parents brought also a Green Day t-shirt for me and it was much more to my liking then... luckily I changed  my mind later :D Soon I realized how cool the bag was and after that it became my schoolbag and it was always with me wherever I went. I still have the bag though it has taken a little damage.

So here's the bag. Actually it's quite okay, the other handle is broken.

I think that's when it all started. Time has passed and I have gotten lots of new items to my collection. I don't know the exact year but I have been collecting these for about 10 years now

Here's couple picture drawn by me. These are old ones but I found them while browsing the pictures on my computer.

Sally, I have drawn this in 2007.
Jack, I remember drawing this at school in 2007.