tiistai 30. toukokuuta 2017

Sleepy Hollow Autograph Card - Jeffrey Jones

New treasures came in mail today. Sleepy Hollow Autograph Trading Card with Jeffrey Jones' signature, code of the card is A3. Signature is authentic written on the trading card.  I found this from eBay for about 20€.

keskiviikko 24. toukokuuta 2017

Edward Scissorhands soundtrack

Edward Scissorhands soundtrack CD. I can't recall where I have gotten this or when.

Oogie Boogie pin

Today I also got Oogie Boogie pin. I found it on eBay for 2€ so had to get it. On the back it says Authentic Official 2010 Disney but I wouldn't be too sure about the authenticity since I got it so cheap from China. It was much bigger than I expected though, 4,5cm from top to bottom.

TNBC Novel

Yay, mail day today! I finally received The Nightmare Before Christmas novel paperback. This one is published in 1994 by Puffin Books. It has the story and some still photos from the movie. I got this for 5€ from eBay.

Scratch and Sniff trading card: Bubblegum

Yesterday I got the last Scratch and Sniff card that was missing from my Charlie and the Chocolate Factory collection. This card is numbered BT1, has the scent of bubblegum and the photo of Violet Beauregarde. As all the other trading cards from this movie this is made by Artbox. I got this one for 5 euros.

torstai 18. toukokuuta 2017

Jack Skellington -pocket watch

I actually don't care about these cheap, made in China, let's put Jack Skellington's face on this one -items, but since this cost only about 2€ I decided to buy it. A coffin shaped pocket watch with Jack Skellington on it. Inside there is a photo on Jack holding his severed head. The colour is bronze and the watch is actually made of some sort of metal. You can also use it as a necklace.

Corpse Bride DVD Box Set

Corpse Bride DVD box set arrived today! The set includes the basic DVD, The Illustrated Story -book and a set of postcards. I got this set for about 5 euros.

Corpse Bride - The Illustrated Story is a good quality paperback published by Newmarket Press in 2005. Text by Mark Salisbury.

There are also 8 postcards which are slightly bigger than normal postcard size. I really love these because the photos are not the most used ones from the movie. For example there is postcard of Scraps hiding under Elder Gutknecht's books.

sunnuntai 14. toukokuuta 2017

Blue Girl with Wine -postcard

And the last item of this week is Blue Girl with Wine -postcard. This painting by Tim Burton is my absolute favourite, it is just so beautiful. Also this came from Hong Kong for about 5 euros.

The last of it's kind. -postcard

The last of it's kind. -postcard also came this week from Hong Kong.

The Green Man -postcard

I also got some postcards again this week. This one is The Green Man. I paid about 5€ for this postcard. I framed it and I'll hang it on the wall next to other ones.

James and the Giant Peach - Activity Book

Earlier this week I also got some smaller mail straight to my mailbox. James and the Giant Peach - Activity Book, a paperback published by Puffin Books in 1996. The cover is from the movie, but all illustrations inside are by Quentin Blake. The book has all kinds of tasks and activities. I got this for 5€ from eBay.

Jack Skellington in Lavender Coffin

Yesterday I picked this up from the post-office and I'm so happy to have it in my collection! Jack Skellington collection doll in lavender purple coffin N-125 by JUN Planning. I found this from eBay by chance and got it for about 38€ because the seller had not mentioned TNBC at all in the item description.
      The Jack Skellington doll in this coffin box has hic mouth open with quite neutral expression on his face. He has the classic black and white outfit on (actual fabric) with no extra accessories. His limbs are poseable. The box I got has been on a display in direct sunlight for some time because the front cover is light pink and the interior lavender purple as the whole box should be, you can see the difference in the photos below. The box is about 43cm tall and the Jack himself 40cm tall.

keskiviikko 10. toukokuuta 2017

TNBC vhs tape

I found this old VHS tape from a flea market for 0,50€ some years ago and I just had to take it with me. The cover is in Finnish.

Mars Attacks! Novel

Today I received yet another purchase, this time it was Mars Attacks! paperback novel book. It cost me about 5 euros and I bought it from eBay. Published by the Penguin Books in 1996. There are also couple pages of still colour photos from the film.

sunnuntai 7. toukokuuta 2017

Frankenweenie: Unleashed! soundtrack

Frankenweenie: Unleashed! soundtrack CD. I think I got this from eBay probably in 2012. This soundtrack has music by various bands and artists for example Kerli, Plain White T's and Robert Smith. I also have the other soundtrack with music from the movie by Danny Elfman. This cd is digipack with cd and a sheet with photos of movie characters and  info about the songs. The cover has parts that glow in the dark!

TNBC Manga

Bought this from huuto.net many years ago. I think I paid about 5€ for this. The Nightmare Before Christmas manga book, published by Disney Press in 2005. First there are introductions of the main characters. The book is drawn in japanese manga style and have to be read "backwards". This is the only manga book I have ever owned and probably the only one I ever will own, I'm not a big fan of manga.

TNBC Piano/Vocals

I got this book as a present some years ago. The Nightmare Before Christmas Piano/Vocals paperback. Published by Hal Leonard. The book includes the notes and lyrics of the songs from the movie.

perjantai 5. toukokuuta 2017

The Nightmare Before Christmas Storybook

The Nightmare Before Christrmas hardcover storybook includes the original story written and illustrated by Tim Burton himself. Published by Disney Press in 1993, the book I have is the 4th edition. I got this as a present in 2013.

Scratch and Sniff trading card: Marsmallow

And this one is one smelling of Marsmallow and with the photo of Augustus Gloop. I still need to find the Peppermint one and then I have all four of these Scratch and Sniff Cards.

Scratch and Sniff trading card: Chocolate

I also got two Charlie and the Chocolate Factory trading cards today.
      First up Scratch and Sniff Card: Chocolate (BT4) by Artbox. The card does smell a bit like chocolate. The image on the card is of Charlie Bucket. I got this one for about 4 euros.

Corpse Bride trading cards

I spent the week at my parents emptying the house and playing with their cat called Pim. I just came back home and once again there were couple packages waiting for me!
       I bought this complete base set of Corpse Bride trading cards from eBay. Cards are made by EnSky Co. in 2005. There are 45 cards in the base set and there are also gold foil cards available that are more rare. I have to start hunting those gold cards! The cards were made in Japan and there has been only 200 boxes for sale in the USA, so these are somewhat rare and I didn't get mine for free either. I paid about 15€ for this basic set.