torstai 25. helmikuuta 2016

Sally Headknocker

I also bought Sally -headknocker with the other items but it got delivered to me yesterday. It's handpainted and about 20cm tall. Made by NECA.

sunnuntai 21. helmikuuta 2016

Jack Skellington Hair Clips

I got also these Jack Skellington hair clips for free with rest of the items. They are a bit damaged and worn. Two of the clips are actually red but someone has painted them black. On each clip there is a different expression on Jack's face.

Trick or Treat

Third item is The Nightmare Before Christmas wall clock. This is made in Thailand and doesn't have any kind of mark of the manufacturer, it isn't official TNBC merch. Diameter of the clock is about 15cm. The box is damaged but I got this for free with all the other stuff.

Special Talent: Scaring Pants Off of People

The second item I got today was Jack Skellington action figure from Series 1 by NECA. Jack comes with Zero, 2 pumpkins and Jack-in-the-box christmas present. This was also second hand and the box has been opened by the previous owner. I open all these boxes anyway so that didn't matter to me.

Jack and Sally Pewter Candle Holders

Hello again! It's been awhile since I have last updated this but finally now I got some new items in my collection.

Today I bought Sally and Jack pewter candle holders by NECA. Jack is about 20cm tall and Sally a bit shorter. They both have a place for a thin candle in the back. Nicely detailed and quite heavy. I got these second hand with a bunch of other TNBC stuff (see the next posts).