lauantai 29. huhtikuuta 2017

Frankenweenie sketch postcard

I got also this in the same package as the Red Queen postcard. Frankenweenie sketch postcard from The World of Tim Burton exhibition in Hong Kong.

Red Queen Sketch postcard

Few days ago I also got second set of postcards from The World of Tim Burton exhibition held in Hong Kong. I found a seller from eBay who had several of these postcards for sale and I already got two (Vincent and The Oyster Boy) cards about a week ago. So this time I got also two cards of which one was The Red Queen sketch by Tim Burton. Postcard arrived to me as new, sealed in package but I opened it to frame it and hang it on the wall.

Batman Returns soundtrack

Now I think I have soundtrack CDs from every Tim Burton movie. Batman Returns soundtrack CD was the last one missing from my collection and now I finally found it via Discogs from a Swedish seller. I got it for 9€ including shipping. This arrived couple days ago, but didn't have time to update here immediately. I still have some CDs to update here, but I have had them already in my collection for sometime. Except my collection is still missing the soundtrack from Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children movie!

tiistai 25. huhtikuuta 2017

Sleepy Hollow trading cards

I also got the complete base set of Sleepy Hollow trading cards. Made by Inkworks in 1999 and these are official merchandice from the movie. I also got some extra chase cards, but more about those in next posts.
     The base set includes 72 basic movie still cards, 9 character cards, 8 final cut (behind the scenes) cards and one checklist card, so altogether 90 cards in the base set.

The trading cards have been available in packages like the one below. I have bought it some years ago for couple of euros. Every package includes 8 trading cards.

The Headless Horseman action figure

The Headless Horseman action figure. Manufactured by McFarlane Toys in 1999. Bought this together with the other Headless Horseman figure, now I have the complete set!
     The Horseman comes with an axe, severed heads and you can also change Horseman's head to a skull. His limbs are poseable and you can place the axe and the head in his hands. I got this mint in the box but since the plastic package was ugly yellow I removed the it from the box.

The Headless Horseman Deluxe Box Set

It is finally mine! The Headless Horseman Deluxe Box Set. Manufactured by McFarlane in 1999. Set has three pieces - the horseman, horse and the tree. I bought this from eBay with the other Headless Horseman figure and the complete trading card set for 65€ altogether and including shipping. Great bargain!
     The figure is very nicely detailed, has moving parts and you can also pose the horse in different ways and turn it's head. Item arrived to me unboxed but in like new condition.

James and the Giant Peach: Film Storybook

James and the Giant Peach: Film Storybook. Published by Puffin Books in 1996. Includes the story with movie stills. I paid 4€ for this and got it from eBay.