torstai 20. heinäkuuta 2017

Jack Skellington Bobblehead

Jack Skellington bobblehead by NECA. A friend of mine found this for me as a present from flea market.

Sweeney Todd - Deluxe Package Soundtrack

Sweeney Todd soundtrack CD, deluxe package with 80-page colour booklet (containing pictures, lyrics, credits and a short biography of Stephen Sondheim) and the cd, all in cardboard package.
  I bought this from eBay many years ago.

torstai 13. heinäkuuta 2017

Edward Scissorhands postcard

I bought this Edward Scissorhands postcard from London in 2012. Can't remember the shop I found this from but we bought a bunch of movie postcards at the same time, my husband got for example postcards of Jaws, Nosferatu, Taxidriver, Alien and Leatherface. I plan on decorating one wall in our bedroom with these framed postcards.

Albert from Corpse Bride

Albert -action figure from Corpse Bride. Series 2 and made by McFarlane Toys. I got this as new from eBay in around 2008-2009. This series of figures by McFarlane are quite good quality, they all fit their stands and are nicely detailed and well made. Unfortunately along the years my Albert figure has lost the other half of his moustache, maybe I will buy a new one someday. Otherwise he is in great condition. Cannot remember the price anymore but I guess it was around 20€.

keskiviikko 12. heinäkuuta 2017

TNBC Soundtrack CD

The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack CD with holographic cover image from 2006.
This is a double cd, disc one with music from the movie and disc two with bonus tracks by Marilyn Manson, Fall Out Boy, Fiona Apple, She Wants Revenge and Panic! At The Disco. There are also some demo songs by Danny Elfman.
I have had this for years so I got no idea where I found this but, again, probably from eBay.

Scary Jack Bobblehead

Scary Jack bobblehead made by NECA. Approximately 7" tall (~20cm). Jack is partially hiding behind a tombstone at the pumpkin patch. My husband found this for me from Jyväskylä probably in 2012 or so.

Jack Skellington Button Badge Pack

I got this Jack Skellington button badge pack as a gift some years ago. I don't buy this kind of accessories myself but since someone gave these to me I will keep them as a part of my collection.  Diameter of these badges is 38mm and the pack has 4 badges of Jack's faces with different expressions. These are made by Pyramid International.