lauantai 24. elokuuta 2013

The World of Stain Boy

Last week I was browsing searching for new comicbooks to add on my wishlist. I also searched for Tim Burton and unfortunately they just had added new Tragic Toys figurines... I had to buy one, immediately. I chose to order Stain Boy figure because it was cheapest and I think I will get those other ones too soon. Figure arrived on Thursday so here it is:

Stain Boy Vinyl Figure (Dark Horse Deluxe)

I've been thinking what to do with these figures. Should I keep them as they are or should I take them out of their boxes. I decided to take them out since I don't have much space for them and I actually prefer to unbox all the figures so I they can be seen properly.

Here is also one chapter of The World of Stain Boy animation for you to enjoy!

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