torstai 23. tammikuuta 2014

Jack & Zero

Finally something new! This is my first Tim Burton item for the year 2014. Finnish alternative clothing shop Stuntman had this 40% off sale in their online shop for two days and I found this figure there. With the discount I paid 12 euros + postages for it. 
      Figurines were quite lot smaller than I thought, but they still look good. These are by Disney. I have few bobbleheads from Disney too. So there is Jack Skellington and Zero with gravestones and they are kind of like two separate figurines. It's not the best quality as you can see, but I knew it and still wanted this for my collection since it's very rare to get items from Finland. Of course I love shopping on eBay, but it is often easier and faster to get items from your own country. Anyway now I promise avoid getting more Jack figures because I have so many of them already and I'd really love getting more variety in my collection. Burton has made many other movies too you know...

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