perjantai 20. tammikuuta 2017

Pajama Jack Collection Doll

Souveniers again! I just came back home from a 9-day vacation in Berlin and I have to admit I visited probably every comicbook store in that city. Unfortunately (and also unsurprisingly) there was very few items available for my collection.
    Luckily anyway there was a one shop that had The Nightmare Before Christmas figurines and dolls made by Diamond Select Toys which is a new name for me. There were a few "regular sized" figures that were not the best quality and then there were two of these coffin Jacks. Of course I had to get one of them since they look pretty good and the clothes are actual fabric.

The one I got is Pajama Jack and he's 40cm tall (the coffin box is 43cm tall). The pajamas are real fabric and there is also a plastic "The Scientific Method" book included. This is limited edition and there's a certificate of authenticity the one I got is numbered 19/1993 (I actually just opened the box now and noticed this, so I didn't know about this when buying). Enjoy the photos!

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