torstai 27. heinäkuuta 2017

TNBC Operation

The Nightmare Before Christmas Operation -boardgame. This is made by USAopoly in 2011. The game has "an operating table" with Oogie Boogie on it and holes around for picking plastic items out with tweezers without touching the metal sides. Oogie speaks if you fail, the lines are:

"Come on Bone Daddy!"
"I might just die laughing, buahhahaahaa"
"Now look what you have done, my bugs, my bugs, my bugs!"
"Oh I'm really scared!"
"Well, well, well what have we here"

with green lights flashing in his mouth and eyes as he talks. The game also includes play money, doctor and specialist cards 24 altogether and 12 plastic funatomy parts.

I got this as a xmas present in 2011 and I did play it once, but the game offers no challenge to adults as it is really easy to get the items out.

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