keskiviikko 4. lokakuuta 2017


(This is my 200th post so that means I have over 200 items in my collection!)

It is mine! I made an unbelieve find from - I stumbled upon The Nightmare Before Christmas version on the boardgame Clue (or Cluedo) on their site and it was only about 30€ with free shipping! Of course I ordered it immediately and now it has arrived. I have seen this game on eBay but the prices have been quite high with shipping costs so I have been trying to find this elsewhere for lower price.

The game contents: custom game board, 6 suspect movers, 6 personality cards, 21 rumor cards, 21 intrigue cards, custom Clue sheet, envelope, 6 items, 2 dice and rules.

This version of the game was made in 2016 by USAopoly and licensed by Hasbro. There is also a Hot Topic Exclusive version available.

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