tiistai 28. maaliskuuta 2017

Big Eyes - The Film, The Art

My birthday was last month and I have to admit I was a bit dissappointed when my husband gave me only two giftcards for a clothing store. BUT last week I noticed a brand new book about burlesque on my bedside table with a post-it saying "happy birthday honey 1/2". My husband told me the book had been there since my birthday, I just hadn't noticed it :D AND yesterday when I got home from work I saw this huge book on the comicbookshelf and also there was a post-it saying "happy birthday honey 2/2" :D That too had been there for over a month without me paying any attention to it. Got to admit I am a bit angry with myself for not noticing these things earlier, but on the other hand I love surprises! But back to the main point of this blog...

So I got this Big Eyes - The Film, The Art hardcover book yesterday (or a month ago) as a birthday present from my husband. I know he got it from Adlibris, it costs about 25€ there which is quite inexpensive when you look at the size of this book. It is somewhere between A3 and A4.
      Book is written by Leah Gallo and published by Titan Books in 2014. It includes foreword by Tim Burton himself, film stills, behind the scenes photos, visual effects consepts, costuming and photos of original artwork by Margaret Keane.

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