tiistai 4. huhtikuuta 2017

James and the Giant Peach - Centipede

Oh my gosh! I have been jumping and dancing around here the whole evening because today I went to post office to pick up THIS: James and the Giant Peach - Centipede collection doll by JUN Planning! It was made in 1996 when the movie came out and the prices have lately been around 40-100€ including shipping for these on eBay. I got this for 18 euros!! Yes, including the shipping costs. I bought via eBay from a seller located in Ireland and it arrived really quickly. It was acutally an auction on eBay and I stayed awake till 1am to make sure I would get this.
       The doll comes in a box, measured about 43cm tall and the doll himself is about 35cm tall including the antennas. Nicely detailed with clothes and hat made of fabric. His limbs are all poseable. Great item, so thrilled to have this in my collection!

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