perjantai 21. huhtikuuta 2017

TNBC poster book

I found this on eBay and it arrived today! The Nightmare Before Christmas poster book published in 1993. This one is in mint condition, it has been sold for $1,95 back then, but I had to pay about 10€ for it including shipping. The poster book is more like a booklet with only few pages. It has three different posters, some photos from the movie, introductions of the main characters, article from the "newspaper" about Santa gone missing, short bio of Tim Burton, behind the scenes photos as well as expaining of the stop-motion process by Henry Selick. One thing that pops out is that some of the names are mispelled in this book. For example HalloweenLAND, Henry SelEck and Dr. FinkLEstein.

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