torstai 9. heinäkuuta 2015

Corpse Bride & Victor & Scraps by JUN Planning Co.

Ni Hao & Namaste! I'm back home from the honeymoon in India and China. Me and my husband spent almost three weeks in Asia visiting Taj Mahal and the Great Wall -  two of the seven world wonders. Anyways I will write more about the trip in my personal blog and now I am here just to show you what I got as a souvenier for myself from Beijing, China.

I did a bit of a search before departure and found out that there should be one shop that sells movie merchandise at this one mall in Beijing. Well when we found the right mall and went in I realised that there was a whole floor just for videogame/movie/anime merhandise! Althought the non-anime you could find there was mostly stuff about Walking Dead, Alien, Predator and such. Only Tim Burton figures I saw were one Jack Skellington figure and Sleepy Hollow Ichabod Crane collectible in 1/6 scale. The Sleepy Hollow figure has actually been on my wishlist for ages, but since it was expensive I left it there. But luckily in one shop I saw this, on the top self with a bit dust on - a coffin shaped box with text Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. So that was the one I took home with me and here are the pictures and details about it.

Height of the box is 55,5cm
The set includes Emily, Victor, Scraps and Emily's bouquet.

They both have clothes made of actual fabrics. Also hands and legs are movable. I haven't took them out of the box, so that is why there are plastic bands over their faces.

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