keskiviikko 8. heinäkuuta 2015

Tim Burton's Holiday Card Set

I'm really behind with updating this blog, but since I have rest of the week off from work I have time to do my best updating my blogs.
      This was actually a birthday present (so I got this already in February) from my husband. There is two of these postcard sets on sale and I had wished for either one. The one I got is the Holiday Edition with X-massy cards, other one is Valentine's Edition with love themed postcards.

The set comes in a box with the same cover picture as The Art of Tim Burton books. There are six different illustrations, two pieces of each so 12 postcards altogether and the envelopes for every one of them. Also each of them is folded so you could write your greetings inside. As a collector I will never use these, but I still had to have them.

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