sunnuntai 4. helmikuuta 2018

Corpse Bride Magnetic Bookmarks

Corpse Bride set of 4 magnetic bookmark (Set A) by SD Toys. The quality of these is quite good even though these doesn't seem to be licensed items. There are 4 different bookmarks with photos of Emily, Victoria, Victor and Emily & Victor together. On the backsides there are quotes from the movie:

"He's not my boyfriend, he's my husband" - The Corpse Bride
"I've got a... I've got a dwarf, and I'm not afraid to use him!" - Victor Van Dort
"Can the living marry the dead?" - Victoria Everglot
"I know that I am dead: yet it seems that I still have some tears to shed" - The Corpse Bride

I got this as a present some years ago and I think these were on sale in at the time. And I have actually forgotten to post this here. I noticed this was missing when I just recently went thought listing all my items so I now know what I need to post here/what photos I need to renew, etc.

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