torstai 8. helmikuuta 2018

Sally - Poseable Doll

Then again something complitely new! I just visited the post office and came back home with 5 packages of which 4 was Tim Burton items! So the following post will be about these items. And of course there is Edward Scissorhands movie playing in the background while I'm writing these!

The first one I will show you is Sally - Poseable Doll with Sewing Kit by Applause. The doll comes in coffin shaped box which is 33cm high. The doll is about 30cm tall. Her clothes are real fabric and her hair is made from threads. The face looks a bit odd, but otherwise this doll is pretty okay. There is also a sewing kit included with some thread and piece of cloth similar to Sally's dress.

I bought this via eBay from Germany and it cost me 19€ including the shipping.

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