tiistai 2. heinäkuuta 2013

"It was late one fall in Halloweenland..."

So I think it's time to tell you about how it all started...

Even as a child I loved collecting different kinds of stuff. I remember searching all the items related to horses on the windowsill, counting them and just looking at my "collection" :D Next I collected all the cat related items and so on...

Soon the girl who liked horses and cats started to become interested in more darker things and the movies of Tim Burton came along. I have no idea how I heard about Tim Burton for the first time so it shall remain a mystery. Anyway I would say the first item I got was The Nightmare Before Christmas handbag that my parents brought me from their trip to Scotland. And the shocking facts was that I didn't even like the handbag first! From the same trip my parents brought also a Green Day t-shirt for me and it was much more to my liking then... luckily I changed  my mind later :D Soon I realized how cool the bag was and after that it became my schoolbag and it was always with me wherever I went. I still have the bag though it has taken a little damage.

So here's the bag. Actually it's quite okay, the other handle is broken.

I think that's when it all started. Time has passed and I have gotten lots of new items to my collection. I don't know the exact year but I have been collecting these for about 10 years now

Here's couple picture drawn by me. These are old ones but I found them while browsing the pictures on my computer.

Sally, I have drawn this in 2007.
Jack, I remember drawing this at school in 2007.

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