lauantai 13. heinäkuuta 2013

The Nightmare Before Christmas (part. 3)

This time I'll show you all the statues, bobbleheads, etc. that I have in my collection. I love collecting these because they are made to stand on the shelf and look good. I actually should get a new showcase for my collection since the old ones are already too full.

Jack & Sally -bobbleheads (NECA) bought from the movie product shop in Kuopio. Jack has made a suicide jump off the shelf once so he's head has been clued and painted as well as possible and now you can't see the fractures unless you look for them.
Jack Skellington who waves his head by solar-power. I bought this via
Sally -paperweight, I got this from my godfather long time ago as present. This was first statue in my collection!.

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