keskiviikko 17. heinäkuuta 2013

Tim Burton and his work

So here we are, after this post you have seen it all. For now on I'll post everytime I get something new to my collection. Actually while writing these I've gotten new stuff but I thought they need to be shown after I have finished this. My shopping happens in waves - there's time when I'm buying lots and lots of new figurines and then for some time I won't buy any. I also have this "tradition" when I go abroad I buy new stuff for my collection as souveniers. I don't want to buy those typical souveniers and it's much nicer to look at these movie products and remember where I have bought them.

Masters of Cinema: Tim Burton (I got this as present few months ago) and MoMa: Tim Burton (I bought this from little boutique downstars the Casa Mila in Barcelona, Spain)

Finally it's done! I was suprised how much it took time to post pictures of every item here. Well of course I had to edit each and every photo and write these texts. Hope this was interesting even to other collectors :) Here's also one interview I found on YouTube:

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