tiistai 23. heinäkuuta 2013

New Tragic Toys figures!

So anime/manga & movie merch shop Kukunor was having a clear out sale -50% off and of course I had to order everything I could get :D I ordered lots of stuff, but when I got the bill there was only three figures available so I didn't get everything I would have wanted. But anyways I got two lovely Tragic Toys -figures and one Corpse Bride mini bust-up. These figures arrived few weeks ago, but now I have time to update them here. 
          This post is about Roy, the Toxic Boy figure. Made by Dark Horse Deluxe and it is 7" tall. Don't remember how much I paid for this but probably less than 20€.

Tragic Toys for Boys & Girls: Toxic Boy 7" Vinyl Figure (Dark Horse Deluxe)

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