keskiviikko 10. heinäkuuta 2013

The Nightmare Before Christmas (part. 1)

Okay so now to the movie that has most merchandice made from: The Nightmare Before Christmas. I have to do this in about 5 sections because I have so much stuff from this movie :D

First I'm going to show you the stuff I don't actually collect such as bags, clothes, accessories, etc. I won't buy these myself so most of these I have gotten from somebody else. Anyway these are part of my collect now. The thing why I don't collect these is that you can find bags and clothes with Jack's face everywhere so there is nothing to collect really, these aren't rare at all.

Jack Skellington -digital watch, I got this as x-mas present some years ago.
Nightmare Before Christmas -badge, bought at Kuopio RockCock Festival around 2006-2007
Jack Skellington -shoelaces, gotten as a gift also.

A small TNBC -bag, got this as a gift.
TNBC -bag, my parents brought this to me from Kefalonia.
Huge Jack Skellington -bag, which I bought from Dublin in 2009.

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