keskiviikko 17. heinäkuuta 2013

The Nightmare Before Christmas (part. 5)

FINALLY the last part of The Nightmare Before Christmas products!
There will be only few more posts and then you have seen everything I have in my collection so far.
So this last TNBC post will show you some random stuff I have.

TNBC Lunchbox + Thermos. I got this as present from my parents.
TNBC Russian Nesting Doll. I got this as souvenier from St. Petersburg, Russia few years ago. It's hand-painted.
TNBC 3D-poster. I bought this from Anttila (Finnish department store).
VHS, I found this from a flea market for 0,50€ so I had to buy it :D
Jack Skellington plush toy, I got this from my cousin as a present.
Books: TNBC - Piano/Vocals (from, Manga-version of TNBC (second hand from and TNBC story book (from
Chill Mug filled with water and glitter. I got this for X-mas present in 2009 or so.
Mug, which I bought from some years ago.
Pocket watch, I bought this via about a year ago.
Pillowcases which I bought via many years ago.
I've bought the postcards from Dublin, Ireland and the frames are from some department store.

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