lauantai 13. heinäkuuta 2013

The Nightmare Before Christmas (part. 2)

So this time it's all my action figures. I love action figures because they are quite detailed, you can move them and of course because they are made to be shown. Unfortunately there are no actual rareties and limited editions, but I have "hunted" these all around the world.

The Mayor (NECA 2002), bought via
Igor (Series 4, NECA) bought from a comicbook store in Hildesheim, Germany.
Dr. Finkelstein (Series 2, NECA) bought from Germany like the one above.
Vampire (NECA) bought via a long time ago.
The Mayor & Shock -minifigures, I got these as a gift.
Barrel & Lock -bust-ups, bought from Germany.
Harlequin Demon (Series 2, NECA) bought from a comicbook store in Andorra.
Pirate Jack (NECA) this also was bought from Germany.
Vampire Jack (NECA) I bought this via a second hand group in Facebook.
Jack (Series 1, JUN Planning) I bought this from a movie merch shop in Kuopio.
Sally (Series 1, JUN Planning) this is bought from the same shop as the Jack above.

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