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The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy // Tragic Toys for Boys & Girls

"Stick Boy liked Match Girl,
He liked her a lot.
He liked her cute figure,
he thought she was hot.
But could a flame ever burn
for a match and a stick?
It did quite literally;
he burned up quick."

This time I will show you all the figures I have from Tim Burton's The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy. As you might know this isn't a movie, but short stories written and illustrated by Tim Burton. All the poems in the book are cute and sad as you can read from the one above. Every character has it's own sad ending.

Almost all these characters are made into figures by Dark Horse. The series is called Tragic Toys for Boys and Girls. I have been trying to collect these for long time because I really love the book and all the charaters in it I of course needed to have them standing on my shelf. These are really hard to find in Finland and even on eBay these are quite expensive usually.

First package I got for a x-mas present from my uncle. Next to packages I bought from another collector on I was so happy to get more these! The last one I bought from London, England while being on a vacation there last December. So finally I own all of the four packages of these smaller figures :) There are also some of these characters made in bigger size and sold separately each one of them, so I have to get those too...

Set 3: The Boy with Nails in His Eyes, Oyster Boy ja Junk girl
Set 1: Robot Boy, Stain Boy and The Girl with Many Eyes
Set 4: The Pin Cushion Queen, Brie Boy & Staring Girl

Set 2: Mummy Boy, Roy the Toxic Boy & Jimmy the Hideous Penguin Boy

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